June 29, 2012

Happy Birthday to ME!

The lovely day of June 26th was my birthday. This year it was a bit awkward because it was on a Tuesday and my family refuses to have my birthday party on any day but my birthday. It's my fault really because when I was a spoiled brat of a 13 year old I thought the world and my family should revolve around me.. especially on my special day. My great aunt and uncle went out of town that weekend and for years I never let them hear the end of it. (All jokes of course.... or were they?) But needless to say even if I want to have my birthday on a weekend now they won't let me because they're scared of the wrath of the 13 year old. It's annoying, especially because I'm not a brat anymore and I realize that life happens and sometimes things don't happen when you want them to, but I did bring it upon myself so I'll play along.

Anyways back to how my day was. Well, it was amaaaaazing! I really didn't do much. I got up, showered, and got ready. But what really made me excited about the day was my dress. Swoon.

Is it weird to swoon over your own clothing? Oh well. Then I made my way to Cambridge to do a speech for my online class I'm taking this summer so I can graduate next spring. Needless to say I nailed it and treated myself to McDonalds on the way home. I've really been there too much lately. 

Somehow the radio kept playing every song I wanted to hear, including but not limited to Candy by Mandy Moore and It's My Life by Bon Jovi, and from then on I was convinced the universe knew it was my birthday. So did my dog. Monte never sleeps with me but for some reason he came into my bed at midnight when my birthday started and cuddled me in bed. I can't even explain how happy it made me. 

Anyways, as I was skipping around town killing time by myself before my party I went to Ulta (my favorite place on earth). I've been watching a couple things there just waiting for money to fall in my lap to throw away on pointless items. And it just so happens that the week before my grandma randomly gave me fifty dollars, and basically told me not to spend it responsibly... so I didn't. I bought the bareMinerals Wanderlust Beach Collection and I loooove it. Don't trust me? Try it for yourself.

After my purchases I instantly went home to freshen up and try out my new make up. Then I killed some more time on Pinterest which always puts me in a good mood. Then finally it was time for my party! Which wasn't much of a party but oh well. I had a quiet dinner with my family and boyfriend. I'm a soup fanatic and my great aunt Aggie makes the best soup ever! She made three different kinds; wild rice and ham, beef noodle, and french onion. It came in courses and the first was french onion, which is my favorite.

To be quite honest I got so involved in the meal that I forgot to take pictures of the rest of the soup! My grandma however also made her Next Day Broccoli Salad. It's called next day because for some reason the left overs always taste better the next day than they do the day it's made. I think it's because the sauce gets nice and thick.

I wish I had more pictures of the whole evening. It's not my fault, really. I assigned the candid picture taking task to my boyfriend and, sadly, he failed me. Seriously he's never getting assigned that again. He took pictures of me being ugly sipping soup, my mom being.. well my mom (she's not very photogenic), lemon water, and butter. I mean come on, butter? I love him but those aren't good pictures. 

Next came presents! I didn't get much, mostly because I got a few big things rather than a lot of little things. My parents got me a Kenneth Cole suit case that I absolutely adore and Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume which is the best ever. If you've never smelt it before, then drag your butt to Macy's and take a whiff. Another thing I got was a Keurig! I love coffee and tea but I love coffee and tea from Keurig's even more. I'm so excited to take it to school with me in a few months. My wonderful boyfriend also took me shopping but that's information for another blog. 

After that came dessert. I picked it out and found the recipe myself. We had... drum roll please.....

SLUTTY BROWNIES. They were amazing. I found the recipe off my favorite blog, the londoner.

I know my pictures aren't as good as hers but oh well. I needed to document the deliciousness for myself. (As for the candles, yes my family thinks I'm a princess)

If you're too lazy to go to the website and you can't figure out what's in the brownies by the picture, it's essentially a chocolate chip cookie dough base, with a layer of Oreos, and then you pour brownie mix over the top and bake all of it together. It's pretty easy to make also so I highly recommend you trying it.

After eating enough food for a small army, and enjoying some time with my lovely family, we headed home to call it a night and the rest is history.


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