September 10, 2012

British Invasion

It's coming. And I'm so excited for it. Many of you don't know what I'm talking about right now but I hope that after this blog you will be just as excited as I am.

(From the Nasty Gal Spellbound lookbook)

My obsession with British fashion sites has hit an all-time high. Most recently it has been brought to my attention that TOPSHOP will now be offered in Nordstrom stores and online for us normal folk who don't live in big cities... or in Britain.

Now sadly I haven't been able to justify buying off of websites from across the pond because shipping is utterly expensive and I'm not sure a sweater is worth double the money because of shipping costs, even from within the US. It just seems ridiculous and is only done by me under special occasions.

So to get you a little more excited and obsessed about TOPSHOP coming (I don't want to be alone!) I'm going to show you a nice little video and list the other websites I am in love with.

Even though I can't buy off of them it doesn't mean I can't online window shop... right...? :)

Here's the video (It won't post in the blog for some reason)

TOPSHOP United States website
TOPSHOP at Nordstrom
Nasty Gal United States website
Missguided ships to the US but it's so expensive
ZARA United States website

I thought of posting my favorite pieces from each site... but then this would become a very long blog.

Take a look at these and let me know what you think 


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