July 9, 2013

DIY Rose Water Facial

Here's a fun one for you all that I found trolling around the internet the other day.

Rose water facials are a great way to soften and tone your skin. You can make it a treat or a regular part of your beauty routine.

Here's what you do:

1) Get a dozen roses (preferably red or pink) and take all of the petals off. Here's the correct way:

2) Rinse the rose petals real good

3) Put the petals in a big 'ol pot and put enough water in it just to cover the petals

4) Simmer the petals for about 20 minutes and then scoop out the petals

5) Transfer the rose water to ice cube trays and put in the freezer!

When you're done you have a quick and easy way to spruce up your beauty routine. Just rub an ice cube on your face and feel refreshed!

If you feel like it you can save one of the roses, give it to someone you love.


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