December 26, 2013

Four months later....

Why hello there old friends.

This post is not about anything much other than apologizing for my absence.

I started a new job, then life just seemed to happen, then my sister and I decided to start a blog together and co-write on it. However, that's turning into a much longer process than anticipated (but still happening - updates to follow). Then the holiday's rolled around.

If you've been with me long enough you would know that my family is living in Florida, which is amazing for me since I get to visit and escape Minnesnowta.

So other than working and spending time with family I honestly haven't done much for mentioning other than probably the Jingle Ball concert in MPLS. Check out my instagram for some pics and video's if you so choose.

For Christmas I came down to Florida and have been here a week but unfortunately leave tomorrow. It's been amazing seeing my family, we always have the best time when we're together.

There's a sign on my parents lanai that says "If you met my family you'd understand."

I think that's pretty accurate for our bunch.

So from here on out I promise to be better about posting - NO MORE EXCUSES! :)

It'll be a new years resolution of sorts. Weeee!

So that's it for this post. Here's a picture of the beach and my parents new puppy Gibson to tide you over till next time :)

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