January 15, 2014

Cheers to a New Year

Happy New Year folks!

Can you believe it's already almost half way through January!? I can't.

As cliche as it sounds a new year can mean new beginnings. At least for me it has!

New Year.
New Hair color.
New Apartment.
New Job.
New Husband (eventually).

But luckily one thing that has stayed the same is my support system. Which was a jolting reality soon after New Years Eve.

You see, long story short, Mitch and I had an interesting and awful New Years Eve. I won't get into it but that is what prompted our change of apartments. Both of our families were beyond supportive in the aftermath and I'm not sure we could thank them enough.

So now to the point of this whole post, 5 things you should keep in mind in 2014:

1. Don't waste your time on negative people. If they aren't doing something positive in your life get rid of them. I know it can be hard but speaking from years of experience of only keeping positive people in my life it's totally worth it.

2. It's easier to have a positive attitude if you're honestly grateful for what you have. Whatever you need to do to remind yourself of how good you have it, do it.

3. Sometimes less is more. Keeping a simplistic mindset can not only be less stressful but it can also keep doors open for new adventures. And who doesn't want to have an adventure...?

4. Try not to overindulge. Honestly this one is mostly a reminder for myself... whoops! Moderation is key when it comes to almost anything - food, TV, shopping, drinks, pinterest...

5. Think of yourself first. Do things with passion. Love, be kind, have sparkle, and don't lose the idea of 'new year new start'. It doesn't need to be the new year to make a new start.

Till next time!


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