August 21, 2012

Favorite things for Fall

Recently I've been thinking about my style. I envy those who are known for a signature style and I feel like I'm such a mix that I've never been able to define mine. So I cleaned out my closet and have decided to make room for more classy, girlish clothes with a little edge. Here's some of the things I am focusing on when I go shopping lately and some other random things I'm favoring right now and for fall.



Over sized sweaters

Ankle Booties

Nautical items, stripes, navy blue, red, ivory, blazers

Nude nail polish

Dainty gold jewelry and skulls on accessories

Random Items

Small notebooks to tote around in your purse

DIY craft ideas

Cooking and baking all sorts of yumtastic treats

Being happy

I'm sure I could make this blog a lot longer but these are the main things I'm favoring right now. I think I gave a pretty good base of what I like so if you can think of anything else I should keep my eye open for let me know! 

Remember to smile today :)


1 comment:

  1. Thank GOD you and I are going shopping together this weekend! I need you too help me rebuild my wardrobe... like bad. ha Love your style!