August 18, 2012

Autumn in August

Imagine this. You're sitting in your house on a crisp, sunny day. You're reading a book and watching the colorful leaves fall off the trees outside. Candles are burning filling the air with amazing smells of cinnamon and pumpkin spice. And to top it all off you are drinking hot chocolate. It's officially fall.

Fall is by far my favorite season for many reasons. I know I'm no weather person but to anyone in the Midwest it's no secret that fall is exactly what it's felt like lately. My twitter has been blowing up with things like "Feels so crisp today!" and "Drinking a pumpkin spice late #welcomefall". The changing of the seasons are always exciting. But why exactly do I love fall? That's what I'm here to tell you.

After living in a state that has four very distinct seasons you start to realize that you get super excited for every new season. For example, us here in Minnesnowta embrace the snow and frostbite weather for the first 2 weeks of winter, but then we get awfully sick of the -20 degree weather and look forward to the point where things start to warm up. You get to pack up your parka, the snow melts, and then all of a sudden it's Spring. (I personally am not a fan of spring because I think things are just soggy and dirty from the build up of snow, but that's a matter of personal opinion) Then comes summer!

Ahh yes, summer. Everyone gets excited to tan, have bon fires, swim, and boat on the huge variety of lakes. But you just wait, about 6 weeks into the summer is when you start to see "The mosquito's are so bad!" "Sooo hot out! Give me winter!" and "I hate construction!"

Ugh... (rolls eyes)

I'm not saying that I'm innocent of complaining about construction and heat, but come on Minnesota. You hate it when it's cold, you hate it when it's warm. Make up your mind. That's why I have chosen Fall as my favorite season. Here's why:

  1. It's just crisp enough for you to comfortably bundle up, you even get thrown a warm day every once in a while
  2. Clothes are easier to style in the fall. You can also show off your warm cozy outfits without covering them up with layers of parka's
  3. Messy buns
  4. Pumpkin/Apple picking. Along with that - carving pumpkins and eating apple butter
  5. Sweaters, boots, and scarves
  6. Spice cake
  7. Movies and blankets
  8. Bon fires. They're just better in the fall
  9. So are S'mores
  10. The colors - orange, red, brown, yellow, purple
  11. The changing leaves are beautiful. Just yesterday on my way to work I saw 5 bright orange trees
  12. Halloween. I love Halloween! All the movies and costumes and candy and scary-ness
  13. Candles that smell like all different spices
  14. Turning your heat on for the first time around thanksgiving
  15. Gingerbread tea with milk and sugar

I could probably keep going all day but I think I've proven my point. If I could find a place to live that was fall weather for about nine months and only had one month of winter, summer, and spring I'd be a happy camper. If that place exists, let me know. I'll make you cupcakes.

What's your favorite season? Why?


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