May 26, 2013

Turtle Beach

Nothing says Memorial Day weekend in Florida more than... tourists.

(I can say that now, I'm a local by default... *hair flip*)

Just kidding, kind of. The beaches have been so busy it's like a sea of umbrellas and suntan lotion.

So in hope of escaping the weekend warriors we set out to a more remote part of Turtle Beach. There is no road to this section of beach, you can only reach it by boat or walking.

So we packed up the kayaks with our beach gear and a cooler full of drinks and snacks and set forth into the mangroves! Here's what we found.

It was positively deserted until about 11:30/Noon and then there were quite a few camp sites scattered around. 

My dad fished, unsuccessfully, and mom and I walked the beach to collect shells.

Then all of a sudden... wait... is that a picnic table? Is that Steven King's picnic table and the roof of his house?


After gawking a little we headed back. We decided to take the gulf back to the car instead of the bay which just about gave me heat stroke, it's been so hot here.

So I'm going to try and stay out of the sun for a bit, maybe a couple days but I'll be back on my tanning A-game in no time I'm sure.

After freshening up we picked up the rest of the family at the airport and came home to have a family dinner. I was trying to make myself feel more normal instead of sun-sick so I wore this little get-up. However, it didn't help and I resorted back to yoga pants once I got home. Cute though huh?

Very Floridian.

Till next time.


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