April 30, 2013

The end is near

Well my fellow people, the end is near.
Don't start thinking of the apocalypse or something, I'm talking about my time as an undergrad.

Graduation is in approximately 18 days and 20 minutes.

As my projects are starting to come to a close and my last finals week approaches I find it bittersweet that my time as an undergrad is ending. I made so many great friends and memories in the last 4.. or 2... (I'm not sure what to call it) years.

You see, I'm only 19. However, I'm graduating with my 4 year degree when other people in my age 'class' are only going to be juniors next year. It's quite confusing so I'll just say that PSEO does wonders people.

I wouldn't trade anything for the experiences that I got at college. My friends are amazing, one of the best ones happens to be sitting next to me right now, and my professors are more than just professors. They've calmed me down from many mental breakdowns and stress sessions. They've supported and encouraged me and my peers to believe that we can do great things, which we can. I have also learned many life lessons, such as don't waste time on those who aren't going to better your life in some way, they'll just end up bringing you down with them. Also it's not a good idea to try and rip your windshield wipers from your windshield while they're stuck in ice. You will end up breaking them and then your friends will have to hang out the window and use their hands as wipers.

Anywho... I haven't had the time lately to post many blogs because school got crazy and so did my living situation. I recently half-moved into a cute new apartment with my boyfriend in the Twin Cities. I still live about half the time in my on-campus apartment though until I graduate. Makes for a lot of driving, not to mention my clothes are split between two places.

In other recent news I got into Grad school! Yup you're looking at a student of the Bethel University Masters in Communication program starting this fall. That means that I'll be graduating with my Masters degree around the same time people my age are graduating with their bachelors degrees. Yikes.

I don't have many plans for the summer, hopefully a semi-long retreat to Florida to see my family and maybe another jaunt to Minot to see my sister and brother-in-law.

I also plan on drinking lots of tea (I recently invested in Teavana), getting very tan and fit, cooking, blogging more, and going on a couple adventures.

Ahh summer bliss, looking forward to it. :)

Talk to you after graduation!


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