March 3, 2013

Sisters Weekend

A month late and a dollar short I am finally going to write about my weekend in Fargo.

Me and my beautiful sister Brittany are best friends. So that's why, since we live far from each other, we wanted to get together and catch up a bit.

With her in the middle of nowhere North Dakota and me in the Twin Cities we decided that Fargo was about the middle point for us to have our weekend. Which is fine because we both love Fargo.

Look - the sun even kind of came out...!?

We started our first night by settling into the hotel and ate dinner at Ushers House - by far one of the best restaurants in town.

It was then off the the Fargo Force hockey game!

This has been quite the trend to my visits to fargo ever since my sister went to college there. The games are very fun and I am slowly learning to follow the puck... (Britt you'd be proud!)

(Pansies advertisement for the visiting team and Studs advertising for the home team. Advertising at its finest.)

We then had some wine and she taught me some brainstorming tactics that we used to think of ideas for my advertising project. Which turned out brilliantly by the way. But it came time where we called it a night knowing we had a full day ahead of us the next day.

A full day I say? Full of what?

Eating and Shopping of course!

We started off at Nichole's Fine Pastries in downtown Fargo.

After stuffing ourselves with Egg Bake (salami, artichoke, cheese, and egg), a turkey and cheese filled croissant, a lemon bar, and enough truffles to make our teeth fall out we rolled our way down the street to one of the most charming stores in Fargo - Zandbroz. They have wonderful stationary, home decor, books, and other random trinkets.

Having both spent too much money on things we didn't "need" we made our way to lunch at my personal favorite spot in Fargo the Drunken Noodle!

Their spicy fettucini is the best around and the sushi place attached to it has the infamous yummy roll that I have searched for for nearly 3 years since Britt's friend Abby gave me some and never told me where she got it from. I FOUND IT.

After stuffing ourselves yet again we wandered over to the mall to spend even more money on things we didn't really "need". This sign in the Victoria's Secret dressing room gave me a good chuckle.

After a long day on our feet and fleeting through shopping racks we were getting really tired. So we decided to cancel our dinner reservation and seek solitude at the hotel. We spent the rest of the night drinking more wine and sitting in the hot tub. 

We also had some deliciously bad for us pizza. But who cares - it's sisters weekend!

The morning soon arrived and we woke up sad knowing that we would have to leave such a perfect weekend to go back to reality. We went to brunch and dragged it out as long as we could without having to say goodbye. However the time came and we parted ways, each going a different direction on I-94.

Don't worry though. I saw her two weeks later. And I'll see her in another three weeks in Florida :)

Do you and your siblings ever do anything special?


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