January 28, 2013

Italy Part 3 - Pisa/Florence/Siena

The next major thing in my trip was our day trip to Pisa. Admittedly this is probably one of my favorite days we had on the trip. Maybe it was the sunshine melting my anxiety or the fact that the leaning tower looks exactly like it does in pictures and books.

Pisa as a town is really not anything special compared to other Italian towns but the trio of the bell tower (leaning tower), the cathedral, and the baptistry was worth the trip out there.

Trust me when I say that the tower leans way more then you think it would and you can tell when you climb the stairs to the top. On one side you're scared of falling out the window and on the other side you're hugging the inside wall.

This is my favorite picture ^  because the tower is totally photo bombing.

After a long day enjoying the sites we went back to Florence where we had the most amazing meal of the trip and a nice stroll around the city at night.

Next is our day trip to Siena. Again this isn't the most wonderful of towns in Italy (personal opinion). However, it is nice to say I went. There was a cool church and I had amazing minestrone soup for lunch. It also happened to have the most amazing hot chocolate of my life.

You know how they steam milk to put in latte's and stuff? Yeah. All they do for hot chocolate is melt chocolate, steam it. And not only did they do that (oh it was dark chocolate by the way). Then they asked what kind of gelato you wanted in it.

Yeah. in it.

So it got whipped cream flavored... and it was superb.

Well that's all for now. Talk to you in the next and final part!


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