October 4, 2012

Mommy-Daughter Date Night

It's a sad sad time. My mom has moved to Florida. Leaving little ol' me all alone to be independent.

On the upside I now have somewhere warm and sunny to permanently visit in the gloomy winter months here in the midwest. So to send her off we had a mommy daughter date night.

First thing was first - dinner.

After setting down Interstate 494 aimlessly we remembered an episode of Diners, Drive ins, and Dives that featured a little place called Broders in Minneapolis. So I looked it up on my trusty Iphone and we set off.

It has two locations right across the street from each other. One is a more upscale sit down restaurant (the pasta bar) and the other is a deli style restaurant and much more informal. At first we went to the deli but decided we wanted to be waited on so we went over to the sit-down location. After waiting for 20 minutes and eaves-dropping on some italian businessmen that were dripping money talking about wine presses we decided that in our jeans and t-shirts we didn't exactly fit in. So we took our names off the list and scurried back over to the deli and ate some delicious food.

I love city light poles because of all the staples. But then I looked down and got super sad. 
How precious is that puppy?!

I had Fettucini Bolognese that was delicious but my mothers Chicken Parmesan was much more flavorful so if I ever went again I would probably get that. Or an entire Pizza. 

Do you see that?

It was amazing. Instead of sauce the dough is basted in garlic and olive oil and spread with cheese, some sort of yummy salami, greens and baked to a crisp. 

This place is family owned and opporated and they make everything fresh daily, even the pasta. They never dry the pasta so it's always cooked perfectly and always tastes fresh. In the deli restaurant they also have a little grocery section so you can buy the items that the family hand picks from italy and take it home with you.

We finished off the night with Starbucks and got the deal of the century on K-cups which I am now sipping on. It was perfect and I can't wait to go visit her in the sunshine state.

Let me know if you take the adventure!


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